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When I think back to the person who has influenced my life in a positive way, I can’t help thinking of Sharlene Ionescu. I thank her for believing in me. She inspired me to pursue my goals. The knowledge and wisdom that she imparted upon me has been a great help and support throughout the years. Because of her I am pursuing a master’s degree. I look forward to the day when I can do the same for someone else.

Merva Scott, Investment Bank Researcher , Queens, NY

“Sharlene showed me a new way to start a design process, and brought new enthusiasm for design that made me excited for my future in design. Without her influence I would not have decided to continue my design education by applying for a Masters of Interior Design program in Italy, which then led me to being accepted to Masters of Furniture Design at the same institution. I still take the lessons I learnt from Sharlene when approaching a new design challenge, and as I start my career. She is extremely knowledgeable about the process of design, but also the business of design. I highly recommend taking courses with Sharlene. She has an abundance of knowledge and is willing to share her experiences and lessons with you!”

Vanessa Young, Interior Decorator , British Colombia

Sharlene was my favorite professor at 'The New York School of Interior Design'. She was my 'favorite' because I truly learned the most from her. She not only taught us about the technical aspects of good design.... but also challenged me to trust my own instincts and to develop confidence in my abilities as a designer. I admire the way she demanded our best and her genuine care and patience in seeing us get there."

Olivia Charney, Connecticut , Connecticut

My teacher Sharlene Ionescu was the most inspirational teacher I had as a student at the New York School of Interior Design. Her honesty and dedication to the classroom made me feel very fortunate to have her as a teacher. My expectations in class were far beyond exceeded. She taught me to have a critical eye on everyone´s work. As a working architect as well as a teacher aloud Sharlene to bring unprecedented real world experience to the classroom. The blending of classroom knowledge and working knowledge heightened the level of education. Although highly professional, Sharlene was always an approachable andcaring teacher.

Marc Lesperut, Film Maker , Barcelona Spain

The drafting courses I completed with Sharlene Ionescu set a great foundation for my interior decorating education. Her curriculum encouraged me to be aware of my environments and gave me the confidence to discuss spatial measurement in any capacity.

Shimronde Providence Lawrence, Interior Decorator , Brooklyn, NY

Working with Sharlene, you are in most excellent, top-level, professional hands. As an interior designer and interior construction professional working in and about New York City, I have had the great pleasure to have Sharlene as a key member of my collaborative professional team. She offers rigorous - and yes, aesthetic-insight into design and all the myriad technical and logistic aspects that are necessarily part of any complex design and architecture project.

Jacqueline Hosford, Interior Designer , New York City

Shortly after moving, it was a big relief to have Sharlene work out a new colour scheme for our living room and kitchen in a very dated rancher. We are very happy with the décor choices which enhance our antique furniture. It helped to relieve the stress of decision making.

Sue Weinberg, Historian , British Colombia

Sharlene did a great job on a design project at my home. I still receive appreciation comments about her design.

Huguette Lamontagne, Archeologist , Quebec City

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