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Sharlene Ionescu Certified Interior Designer Speaker Educator

I’m Sharlene, Certified Interior Designer Speaker Educator.

I design spaces and I teach interior design.

Meet my husband Alexandru. Besides being a great man he’s an architect and my business partner.

Sharlene and Alexandru

   Here’s a snippet of our story.

We lived and worked in New York City for 20+ years. The fast-paced environment gave us an exciting lifestyle and very successful careers. But in 2012 it was time for us to slow down.

We took a vacation in the Canadian Pacific North-West and felt in love with that part of the world. So what happened next is now history… we moved on Vancouver Island. Let me tell you this: Life here sure is very different…

Forest with lake in British Colombia

    About “Moi”!

I’m French native born and raised in Quebec, Canada,.

I was born an interior designer. What I mean is, for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been very sensitive to my surroundings . So I ended up being that kid. You know, the one who’d told you how to rearrange your furniture and that you should lower your frames.

What’s funny thing is that even back then my ideas made a lot of sense. That’s also when my reputation as a great interior design practitioner started.

I designed my first residential project for a fee at 14! That had a huge influence on my career choice.

So I went on to study interior design. I finally learned to put words to what I’ve always done…

Here’s another thing about me:

When it comes to interior design, I’m always “teaching”. I don’t talk, I teach. I can’t help it, my brain works that way. I admit that this can be annoying at times. But as life would have it, it’s been one of my greatest asset.

I’m passionate about interior design and I have big heart. I want to share all my interior design knowledge, education and experience with you.

“My goal is to help you design awesome spaces that are in harmony with WHO you are and HOW you live”.

     Currently I am a Certified Interior Designer Speaker Educator:

Logo of various associations and businesses
  • Working on a series of Premium Interior Design Online Courses. Announcement and launch coming soon!
  • Writing the “Let’s Talk Design for A Minute!”  and “Interior Design Revealed” video blogs.
  • Co-Founder at the design firm Aesthetic Concept Interior Design & Architecture.  
  • A Certified Interior Designer with the National Council for Interior Design Qualifications (NCIDQ).
  • A Member of the Association Professionnelle des Designers d’Intérieur du Québec (APDIQ).
  • A Member of Interior Designers of Canada (IDC).
  • A NCIDQ Ambassador which is a NCIDQ Certified Interior Designer and Practitioner who’s promoting the NCIDQ Exam and Certification.
  • A NCIDQ Champion who’s an Interior Design Educator who’s promoting the NCIDQ Exam and Certification.
  • An Extended Board Member for the Division of Licensing of the Office of the Professions at the New York State Department of Education.

     As a design practitioner:

  • I’ve completed projects throughout North America, Europe and Africa.
  • I have an extensive experience in residential design.
  • I’ve designed restaurants, retail projects, offices and hospitality projects.
  • Space planning, furniture design, lighting design, code/standard analysis and Feng Shui are my favourite specialties.

     My experience as an educator:

Photo of desk with computer
  • Faculty member at the prestigious New York School of Interior Design for over 10 years where I taught Architectural Drawings, Perspective Drawings, Residential Design, Retail Design, Restaurant Design, and Office Design.
  • Faculty member at Vancouver Island University where I taught Applied Drafting, History of Design I, and History of Design II.
  • Coach and mentor to practicing designers for the last 25 years.

    I gave back to my profession by serving:

Photo of chair with pink baloon
  • As a Vancouver Island Chapter Director for the Interior Design Institute of British Columbia.
  • As a project manager in a wide range of symposiums and shows in the USA and Canada.
  • As a Vice-President of City Centres for the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) – NY Chapter.
  • As the exam Chairperson for the National Council for Interior Design Qualifications – New York City Center.
  • As a Board Director of the Interior Design for the Legislation in New York (IDLNY).
  • As an organizer of the “Lifestyle for the New Millennium” exhibition for the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).
  • As President of the Canadian Federation of University Women – Cowichan Chapter.
  • As a columnist for the magazine “Voice”I gave back to my profession by serving:
  • As a columnist for the newspaper “The Echo”As a Vancouver Island Chapter Director for the Interior Design Institute of British Columbia.

     Having Fun:

And when I’m not working and teaching:

  • I’m sailing!
  • I’m traveling!
  • I’m cooking!
  • I’m gardening!
  • I’m keeping busy rearranging something somewhere!!!


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