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Interior Design Revealed… Open-Plan Living

Hey there, welcome to “Interior Design Revealed… Open-Plan Living”.  I’m Sharlene Ionescu from

Open-plan living spaces are the latest craze in the real estate market.  One of the reasons why they are so popular is that they present a simplified lifestyle.  Gone are the days of formal living in fixed rooms.  Today, the majority of us choose a more relaxed environment.  Open plan living is attractive and inviting.  It works great for the public areas of your home where you cook, eat and live.  As for where you sleep, dress and bathe, you’ll need to create a peaceful and more personal atmosphere.  Let’s Talk About The “Pros and Cons” of Open-Plan Living.

And Let’s Start With The “Pros”!

I’d say that the most significant advantage of open-plan living is a strong sense of space.  Because there are fewer walls to navigate around, your home feels more spacious and you have more freedom of movement.  That’s especially true if you live in a small house.  Here’s another advantage of open-plan living:  You get extra light.  Fewer walls are blocking the daylight, and often there are more windows.

Now, Let’s Talk About The “Cons” Of Open-Plan Living!

Just like everything else in life, there are drawbacks to open-plan living.  The first one that comes to mind is that open-space living can be noisy.  You can hear every sound because of the lack of dividing walls to separate each zone. That can make it more challenging to find a quiet and private space in your home.  Another disadvantage of an open-plan layout is cooking smells.  More often than not, an island is the only divider between the kitchen and the living spaces.  Even with proper ventilation, cooking smells could permeate the entire area.

Is Open-Plan Living For You?

If you like to entertain then open-plan living is perfect for you.  Open-plan living offers flexibility.  It gives you the flexibility to spend time with your family and friends while performing a task like cooking, for example.  Having an open floor plan will allow you to configure the space as you like.  If you spend a lot of time cooking, then design your house to have more space in the kitchen area.  If, on the other end, you’re not much of a cook, then design your home to have a larger living area or even a home office if that’s what you need.  Whatever you do, make sure to define each zone in your open-plan house.  Flooring and furniture can be used to create demarcations between the different zones in your home.  For example, delimitate the dining and living zones with area rugs.  Or, use the back of a sofa as a divider between those zones.

Few more things:  Be consistent in the decorating style of your open-plan house.  A “Less is more” design approach will look streamlined and sophisticated.  Design wise; you should address the different living zones as one room.  Consider using the same flooring or the same color scheme throughout, to maximize the feeling of openness.  This way, all the elements will visually come together and blend nicely.  The interior of your home will feel less chaotic.  Having one big space means that you can see the entire place from all sides.  Keep clutter under control, for a neater look.  Design as much built-in storage as possible.  Keep in mind that everything is left to show!

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