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Interior Design Revealed…25 Nursery Design Ideas (for Baby’s Room)

Nursery – 25 Nursery Design Ideas (for Baby’s Room) 

You’re having a baby?… Well, congratulations!  You might think that having baby sleeping by your bed is fine.  But in reality, you’ll need a nursery much sooner than you think.  Here are 25 Nursery Design Ideas for Baby’s Room. 

Designing a nursery is one of the most exciting interior design project there is.  The reason is quite simple: It’s all about “newness”!  New family member(s), new room, new décor, new lifestyle, new Nursery Design Ideas….

And because that new space is where baby will sleep, be fed, and be changed, your first design goals must be safety, comfort and convenience.  You will spend a lot of time in the nursery.   So throughout this project, remember to keep it all simple.  From the planning phase to the completed project, there’s no reasons to feel overwhelmed by all the decisions to be made.  Just like in any other rooms in your home, chances are that less is more!

For the décor you can choose to decorate with a theme and create a fairy-tale world.  Or, for a classical nursery design, simply choose colours and textures that will make the room more adaptable for years to come.  A very important issue to keep in mind is that, besides looking good, the furniture must be safe to use, be strongly built, be properly assembled.  

Select durable and versatile furniture with smooth and round edges that will adapt to your child’s growth.  To a minimum, you will need a sturdy crib that conforms to the latest safety standards and a monitor to hear your baby’s noises when you’re out of the room.  You’ll also want a changing table or mat for changing the diapers and a nursery chair to make cuddling time comfy.  To keep things handy, have a chest of drawers in the room.  It will make the changing, feeding, bathing and dressing of your baby much easier.

To complete your nursery project, add some personal touches to the décor such as a mobile, or colourful images to give your baby something to look at.

For safety, cover the electrical outlets, child-proof the drawers and anchored the furniture to the walls.  And finally, install a smoke alarm in the room and avoid decorating with small objects that could be accidentally swallowed by your child. 

Kids grow up fast so chances are that you’ll need to update this room in the years to come.  Find your inspiration in the examples of Nursery Design Ideas and keep an eye on your child’s future needs.

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