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Interior Design Revealed…Design Tips for SENIOR LIVING

So why make a video about senior living?

Well, I  will tell you about three good reasons in this video. I’m also going to give you three interior design tips for senior living.

Hey there, my name is Sharlene.

Welcome to “Interior Design Revealed.”

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Sharlene Ionescu is a Certified Interior Designer and Educator. She is a principal at Aesthetic Concept Interior Design and Architecture. Her extensive experience includes residential, commercial and hospitality design. She completed projects throughout North America, Europe and Africa. Her teaching experience spans over 20 years both as a faculty member and as a consultant. In 2017, she launched to promote online interior design education. Her weekly blogs give you quick and easy interior design tips. It's a new platform where she shares her design expertise and experience with you. Do you want to read about a specific design topic? Let her know in the comment section below!

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