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Interior Design Revealed…Feng Shui in Your Home

Feng Shui:  Interior Design Revealed – How to create Feng Shui in Your Home (Quick & Easy).

What if there was an easy way to make good luck flow in your home and, at the same time, will simplify your everyday life?  Well, stay tuned. I’ll be back in 10 seconds to give you 3 simple interior design tips to create Feng Shui in Your Home.

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There’s a lot to say about Feng Shui but today, I am going to show you simple ways to create Feng Shui in Your Home.

So what is FENG SHUI?

Well, FENG SHUI (pronounced FUNG SHWAY) is the Chinese art of placement.  It’s been practiced for over 3000 years.  And it’s all about movement and circulation.  The objective of Feng Shui is to create harmony and balance in your life.

 You see, Feng Shui is warning us against harmful energy in our lives. It’s also showing us how to deflect those negative vibes and, more importantly, how to avoid living in unhealthy environments.

In other words, Feng Shui is all about creating more harmony and more balance in your life, and in your house, to encourage good luck to flow in abundance.

Now, let’s talk about your three simple and easy interior design tips to create Feng Shui in Your Home.

Tip 1: De-clutter!

A Feng Shui home is a clutter-free home.  This being said, the first step towards having a Feng Shui home is a clutter-free environment in your living and workspaces.  Because we all know that a cluttered, disorganized and messy home has stagnant energy.  And we all agree that stagnant energy drains energy from you.

Wait, there’s more… In addition to being clutter-free, your house should also have good air quality and good lighting.  A stuffy and dark house won’t cut it.

It’s now time to assess your home, one room at a time.  Go ahead and pare down your possessions to a manageable amount. Take into consideration what’s meaningful to you.   Then remove those objects that have become useless and that are just cluttering your life. Since your house must be de-cluttered, only keep the objects and artwork that really inspire you.

 By keeping your home de-cluttered, you will refresh its energy, and that will encourage good luck to flow in your life.  You know what?  De-cluttering will make living in your home a lot easier.  You’ll simplify your everyday life, both emotionally and physically and that, I think, has to be the best-kept secret about Feng Shui.

 Tip 2: Let the “Chi” flow!

“Chi” is the force that brings good luck in your life.  It’s the way the energy moves and circulates around you.  As a reference, just know that the Ch’i energy moves through your home the same ways as you do.  If you can walk comfortably through every room of your home, it will be easy for the Chi to circulate smoothly.  But, if you’re always walking around the furniture to get from point A to point B, then you now know that the Chi will also have a hard time getting through your house.

Here’s what you can do to make the Chi energy flow smoothly in your home:

Your goal is to make sure that you can easily circulate in each room.  To do that, position your furniture in comfortable arrangements.  Look at the placement of your furniture.  Does the layout work for you? While you’re at it, check to see if there’s enough space between your furniture and if you have the right clearances.  If the furniture layout is awkward, the chances are that there are too many pieces of furniture in the room.

You also need to make sure that you can easily travel between each room.  The good news is, that it’s easily done especially if you’ve already de-cluttered your house.  In general, the shortest travel distance between rooms is usually the most convenient traffic pattern to move throughout your home.

Let me give you some easy tools that you can use to activate the Chi energy in your home.

The first tool that I’d recommend is a mirror. Mirrors are especially practical in small spaces.  They not only double the size of an area but they are great at redirecting the flow of energy.

Now, if what you want is to balance structural flaws in your home, like a column or a beam, then use crystals.  Crystals will help you lift any stuck or stagnant energy in your home.

If you need to diffuse poison arrows such as protruding corners, know that either plants or flowers can deflect that type of negative energy.  In addition, they will keep the air fresh and bring life in your home.

Remember, you’ll feel a lot more positive once the Chi energy flows gently throughout your home.

Tip 3: Think Colors!

We all know that colors play a huge role in our lives.  They sure have a lot of influence on us but, when it comes to our home, colors are definitively an easy solution to make it more beautiful.  So to create harmony in your home, simply choose to live with colors that you like.  You know, using your favorite colors, wherever you feel like it, will make you feel good.  You will really like what that does to your space as it gives it a personal and unique feel. As an added bonus, it will give you a sense of well-being and that feeling will bring positive energy to your life.

Here’s how colors can affect your moods.

Take the color blue.  Blue is cooling, it’s calming and it is soothing. Those qualities make it the perfect color for your bedrooms, for your meditation room, and in just any other areas of your home where you want to feel peaceful.

On the other hand, the color red can be very stimulating.  It is a dominant color. We usually connect it with prosperity and yes, with passion too.  However, to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the color red, it might be best to use it in small touches.

As for the color yellow, well, it’s consideredan excellent choice for a kitchen. That’s because it’s known to help digestion.  So if there’s someone in your household with digestion issues, seriously consider using the color yellow.

And if you’re looking for a color that represents growth, and that at the same time will give you a feeling of peace all around you, just like in nature for example, then the color green is your answer.

There you have it, my three simple interior design tips to create Feng Shui in Your Home.  I hope that you found this information helpful. I appreciate your time, thank you.

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